Approved Single Program

Single program approval allows you to offer NBCC credit for a future, live program that has been reviewed and specifically approved by NBCC for credit. Approved single programs can be offered multiple times during the 12 months following the approval.

Would you like to apply for single program approval?

You can submit a Single Program Application.

I have an approved single program. How can I continue offering NBCC CE hours for the program after the single program approval period expires?

You may submit a new Single Program Application for the program before the approval period expires, consistent with the established requirements deadlines found on the Single Program Application. If NBCC approves the new application, you will be assigned a new single program approval number and may continue offering NBCC CE hours for the program for another year-long approval period.

How can I advertise my NBCC-approved single program?

As a benefit, single program providers can advertise approved single programs on the NBCC CE Calendar of Events for free.

NBCC offers a direct mailing advertising opportunity to promote your programs.

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